Bedroom Pop








Why would you leave if everything around you seemingly requests you to stay? Where exactly would you go if you had actually arrived long ago – just, unfortunately, a while too soon? Sometimes there is this deep longing without it being clear what it is for. And then?

Malte Huck had never really asked those questions but found an answer anyway; at least, for himself. In 2021 he founded BEACHPEOPLE, which is his idea of who he could be and how he wants to sound. After successful, busy, and pandemic times full of breakups and departures, BEACHPEOPLE are his forum for sharing his thoughts and inner demons with the world. In the process, something is built and torn, rediscovered and recognized, remembered and explored. BEACHPEOPLE lose, search and find themselves – and not even necessarily in that order. The constant contemplation results in creative abrasion that leads to damage as well as a warm heart.