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The buzz about their debut album first spread through the streets, leaving people breathless and excited. In a short period, the material became the most sought-after unknown commodity in the country because Hram only had their material on physical CDs, selling them by bike around the city and sharing them with key people in the scene.

They are HRAM, their style is old school from the streets, and they come directly from the heart of the ancient Šibenik walls. Hram is a Šibenik collective that brings together beatmakers, MCs, DJs, and graffiti artists—covering all aspects of hip-hop culture. For many years, they operated without commercial ambitions, but fortunately, at the urging of friends and acquaintances, this crew decided to step out from the dark underground to the surface.

Direct, uncompromising, and not at all pretentious are just some of the epithets associated with this hip-hop sensation from Šibenik. They are Scuba (Luka Škugor), Sensi (Senad Ramić), and Brat (Luka Lambaša), along with beatmakers Ca (Ivica Kojundžić) and Dankara (Antun Pelajić), who through stories of growing up, social injustice, and everything else that surrounds them, successfully fill the void in the scene that had been anticipated for years.