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A genuinely good reason to pause for a moment, perk up your ears, and lose yourself in the musical space is Korak, a DJ and producer from Požega whose emergence on the domestic scene is a breath of fresh air. His production and selection resonate with frequencies that follow the development of musical trends in recent years but also with frequencies free from dogmas, trends, and specific sounds. When such a combination is in play, we know without a doubt that authentic expression is at hand, and true hedonists know – it works best when someone plays what truly drives them, and all other dimensions unfold naturally. The fact that such a blend of skill, energy, and innovative tendencies in creation does not always go unnoticed is evidenced by Korak recently being recognized as the “new selector of the year” and his track “Watch Your Step” being nominated for “bass single of the year” in the independent music journalism award Elector. The world may be going to hell, but at least some things occasionally fall into place.