Nemanja is a global psych band that brings together members from Pula and Zagreb, inspired by 70s Afro-Colombian, Anatolian, Thai, and world music. The live band members are Matej Perić (drums), Karlo Lugarić (percussion), Laura Matijašević (bass), Ana Kovačić (sax, synth), and Luka Šipetić (guitar).

The band is currently promoting their third album, Voodoo Beat, which brings a danceable and exciting musical melting pot with hot Afro-Colombian rhythms, Caribbean dub sounds, and tropical exoticism. It is inspired by the ancient myth of Orpheus and Eurydice and draws inspiration from films like “Orpheus” (Jean Cocteau, 1950) and “Black Orpheus” (Marcel Camus, 1959).

In addition to interesting musical influences, the albums stand out with a narrative concept that spans across all three albums. “Tarot Funk” portrays the final moments before Nemanja’s death through tarot cards and Anatolian sound. “Cosmic Disco” takes Nemanja on a journey through the Bardo, guided by the Tibetan Book of the Dead and a world disco sound. “Voodoo Beat” concludes the “Esoteric Trilogy” where Nemanja attempts to return from the land of the dead with the help of voodoo powers of love and Afro-Colombian sounds.

The band has been performing live since June 2019 and despite the pandemic, they have performed throughout the region, including prestigious festivals like ESNS and showcase festivals like MENT. Renowned music publications and critics across the region unanimously placed “Tarot Funk” and “Cosmic Disco” at the top of the charts for the best albums of the region in 2019 and 2020. They have also frequently appeared on lists of music portals from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom.