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The wild garden, lush with growth and overrun by weeds—a captivating place in need of tender care. Much like the inner landscape of a person in growth. Viennese band oh alien takes a stroll here, somewhat apprehensive yet full of glistening hope, aiming to feel at home again in their inner forests. Let’s delve in! Reflecting on the inflated crises of their mid-twenties – uprooting, replanting, and nurturing anew. Which seeds will flourish, and which will succumb to the fate of weeds?

Following the release of their first EP “This Might Be The Place” (2022), oh alien teamed up with musician and producer Sixtus Preiss, spending an intense summer in the studio together. Their resulting debut album – featuring Grammy award-winning US mixer Chris Tabron (Beyoncé, Lianne La Havas…) among others – is a debut that plays all the right notes. In every fiber the shared passion for meticulous sound tinkering is tangible, without ever losing touch to the feelings at the core.

From poignant ballads like “Toothpaste” – a revelation in restraint, delving into pure emotional depths. To the buoyant “Shining” which exudes life’s affirmation, though merely attempting to soften tragedy’s edge, or “The Dream,” which is such a tapestry of meanings that the synth patterns of “Grow” are both surprising and hypnotizing in their directness.