Progressive Pop



Porto Morto





Porto Morto is becoming a stronger name on the regional music scene, and behind the name is a group of seven musicians whose musical direction is difficult to define. However, if we were to attempt it, we could say that it is based on a mixture of progressive pop, art rock, and indie electronica.

Porto Morto has been one of the biggest surprises on the domestic music scene lately. Their fantastically received album “Portofon” (2019), which features a collaboration with Darko Rundek on the single “Hodaj,” earned them three nominations for the Porin Awards. They have also built recognition through their distinctive visual expression, meticulously developed in their music videos and on stage. With their new album “PORTOPOP,” they have defined a new sound, a new stage identity, and a new era in their career.

“PORTOPOP” was introduced with fresh singles “ČEKAM IH,” “VRIJEME ZA ČILANJE,” and “FATAMORGANA,” accompanied by excellent self-produced music videos. The album has been hailed as one of the best regional albums of 2021 by several portals and critics. In March, they filled the Zagreb Tvornica Kulture venue for their album promotion and delivered a memorable concert. In the same month, they won the Porin Award for the Best Alternative Album of 2021.