Admir Sinani




Admir Sinani was born in Križevci, but has been living in Zagreb for several years. He is a graduate journalist by profession and has worked in local media, gaining valuable experience in journalism.

One of his achievements includes his long-term leadership of the KVARK association, where he served as the president and was the program director of the Klub kulture. Furthermore, he was one of the founders of the Skaville Festival, an international event dedicated to ska music (reggae, punk, world music), which encompassed various cities such as Krk, Rijeka, Šibenik/Martinska, and even returned to Križevci before unfortunately being discontinued.

Over the past five years, he has directed his career towards Entrio, where he works as a sales and account lead for ticketing, registration, and cashless services. In parallel, he manages his own agency called Dobar Izlazak Agency as a freelancer, specializing in organizing various events, currently with a focus on theatrical performances and stand-up shows.

As the founder of the Ulica To Smo Mi association, he proudly organizes Crosscity Buckets, an international FIBA 3×3 tournament that has successfully reached the European level. This initiative promotes basketball and sports while creating a platform for international cooperation.