SPIKE, Glastonbury



Boyan Pinter




Boyan Pinter – is a respected music professional, promoter, manager, festival organiser and digital music distributor. Born in Bulgaria, matured in America, enjoying himself responsibly over the world. Before establishing himself in Europe, Boyan was a touring musician in the US. Besides being a college- trained guitarist, he was the de facto logistics and business manager of the bands he worked with. A keen linguist, he holds Bachelor of Arts degrees in Spanish and French from the University of Houston, Texas. His continuing path in the music industry eventually led him to a Master in Arts Administration from Indiana University, Bloomington, USA.

Boyan is the founder of SPIKE – Bulgarian Music Showcase, Bulgaria’s first conference and showcase platform designed to fulfil the needs of the growing Bulgaria music industry for both developing and established artists. Boyan is part of the booking and production team at the Toad Hall stage at Green Futures field at Glastonbury Festival where he the assist to field coordinator Lisa Nasta. He is responsible for booking the first Bulgarian bands onto the Glastonbury Festival, along with bands from Poland, Sweden, Ukraine, and the Baltics. In 2022, acting as an agent, Boyan had his first placement on the Pyramid Stage with Ukrainian artist Jamala.

Boyan is currently an A & R for Believe Music for Bulgaria, where he is charge of acquiring new talent and helping them grow through the cutting edge digital tools that Believe offers, with respect, transparency and expertise.