Let 3



Damir Martinović Mrle




Damir Martinović Mrle is a creative force to be reckoned with. From punk’s beginnings in 1980s Yugoslavia to Let 3’s global success at Eurovision, Mrle has been pushing boundaries for over four decades. His penchant for disrupting the status quo, often challenging patriarchal nationalism, ethnic chauvinism, and religious conservatism, has established Let 3 as one of the foremost rock acts in the Balkans. Known for his wild stage antics and clever ability to capture public attention, he has created his own “ŠČ!” brand.

Apart from Let 3, Mrle has spearheaded “Mr.Lee&IvaneSky,” a pop art cabaret project joined by his wife. He can often be found composing for both international film and theatre, as well as composing music for children. As if that is not enough, he has recently unveiled DJ Demian, his new techno-worshipping alter ego aimed to satisfy the dance starved bodies on the dark dance floor.