EEnlarge Europe, Corner Art



Eszter Décsy




Eszter got infected by music when she was born, and the passion for a reading followed, then tattoos, and films, there was no stop. After years in London and Indonesia, she moved back to Budapest, and with one of her best friends, Pál Zsiga founded NOWmagazin in 2012, focusing on the Hungarian grassroot scene which was a unique approach at that time. NOW Books & Music was originally a side project launched in 2015 – a book publisher, music management and label – that later became her main occupation and had been rebranded as Corner Art Management in 2022.

She work with amazing artists such as iamyank and Woodstock Barbie, amongst others, but she wear different hats too. She is the communication and project manager of HAIL – Hungarian Association of Indie Labels as well as Music Hungary Association.

In 2019 she established the idea of EEnlarge Europe, it’s a community of venues and a knowledge-sharing hub specially tailored for the grassroot scene, where all live music starts. She launched it in 2020 with Music Moves Europe funding, first in four countries with 5 partner venues, and it’s running since, now with 19 venues involved from 6 countries of the region.