EXIT Festival



Igor Vidović




Interest in music was born within the six square meters of a small child’s room in a family apartment in Novi Sad. The walls were covered with posters he swiped from his older brother, imitating his musical taste. The room echoed with the riffs of Metallica and Nirvana, as well as the beats of 2Pac and Puff Daddy. That is until he spontaneously discovered The Prodigy’s album “Music For The Jilted Generation,” which offered him a glimpse into electronic music. That’s where he found his first love.

In 2002, he became part of the local team Happynovisad, which promoted urban culture and lifestyle through their website, radio show, and organizing electronic music events and parties. Some team members were already working for the EXIT Festival, which brought him closer to the largest organization in the region, united by similar values.

In 2004, he became a part of EXIT and has since been involved in various teams within the organization. He spent the longest time in marketing and the digital world, serving as a Digital Marketing Manager for 10 years. After that, he returned to his first love – music – by relocating to the Booking sector, where he currently holds the position of Booking Coordinator.