KONTAKT Conference



Jovana Coka Stanković




Jovana Coka Stanković is Balgrade (Serbia) based music journalist, promoter, PR and event manager. Coka has been in different segments of the music business for over 15 years. Her music home is Odličan Hrčak agency which counts more than 2.000 shows and festivals, but she has worked with almost every musician in the EX-YU region on different projects.

She doesn’t sleep ’cause someone has to wake up Belgraders. She’s the one. Besides all the promotional activities, she’s a morning show host at Rock Radio Belgrade. Also, Coka is in PR department at Milan Mladenovic Foundation and co-founder of the KONTAKT Conference, a showcase and festival that takes place every March in Belgrade for seven years. She loves to discover new artists across the region, to enjoy their music, to make new opportunities, and to fight with them (sometimes).