LALA Slovak Music Export, SHARPE



Katja Thalerová




Katja is leading partnerships and sponsorships of the SHARPE festival, which is the main project of a LALA Slovak Music Export, where she works as a Project Manager. Katja’s love for music is also mirrored by her work as a booker and manager of several Slovak bands (Tolstoys, Sam Handwich, God and Eve and so on). As a production manager, she is involved in the indie regional Flaam festival and seasonally in the biggest Slovak music festivals such as Pohoda, Grape or Next festival.

In addition to these projects, she occasionally collaborates with other festivals, cultural events and artists. Currently, she studies PhD studies at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, where she runs a couple of lectures as a teacher. Her activities also include popularising working in the culture and music industry. Katja is included in the ranking of New Bosses 2023, according to IQ Magazine. Currently, she is also part of the emerging DJ duo Benefits with Friends