Aquarius Records



Lana Čulig




During her journalism studies, Lana began working as a journalist at the biggest Croatian daily newspaper, Večernji list. She was part of the culture and showbiz editorial team, where her love for music started. She was later promoted to an editor’s position and spent 12 years working for Večernji list and 24 sata.

In 2018, an opportunity arose for her to join the record company Aquarius Records. Initially, she served as a PR specialist, but her role eventually expanded to include booking and organizing concerts. Currently, she holds the esteemed position of an exclusive booker for artists like Natali Dizdar, Nika Turković, and other Croatian talents.

Additionally, she takes on the role of PR manager for Nina Badrić and other artists. Beyond her work in music, she is the visionary behind Femme nouvelle, a project and festival dedicated to championing female artists. This project has successfully united over 30 Croatian female artists and has since grown into a regional endeavor as of the year 2023.