Mimika Orchestra







Mak Murtić is a Croatian composer. Until 2010, Murtić studied architecture and formed and played in various Zagreb-based jazz ensembles. In 2010 Murtić moved to London and founded Mimika Orchestra, which has since released three concept albums. Apart from Mimika Orchestra, Murtic has worked with various London-based ensembles and groups (Grand Union Orchestra, Phaze Theory, Animanz, Nwando Ebizie, Dion Palumbo, Clapham Community Choir, Royal Festival Orchestra, Shapla Salique, etc.) and various international groups and musicians.

In recent years, Murtic has been centred in Zagreb, Croatia and has written music for various films, theatres and ensembles. (notably “Granice” commissioned by the Zagreb Dance Centre, “Jedna od Nas”, a documentary by Duro Gavran and the short film “Inkorničata” commissioned by the European Capital of Culture Rijeka 2020, the film “Škoj ili ne?” released in 2021 and projects with the Croatian Radio Television Jazz Orchestra) He performed with various acclaimed bands such as Porto Morto, On and J.R. August and guested in many others.