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Maša Pavoković is a well-established music manager and PR consultant across the Balkan region and beyond. For the last 18 years, the creative and music industry has been her home. She started as a TV presenter on MTV, followed by five years as an MTV online editor. She also gained experience in radio and national television, quickly turning her insights into PR and editorial skills. In the last 10 years, she has been intensively involved with mentoring and managing young musicians like Koala Voice, Pantaloons, and freekind..

At the same time, she managed one of Slovenia’s most significant artists, Magnifico, and has been part of the Exit and Sea Star festival teams, managing local media relations. Maša has experience in developing and exporting artists, organizing various events, and working on promotion. She also played a crucial role in developing the concert community with high school bands in the Špil liga project in cooperation with Kino Šiška. Currently, Maša co-runs the music agency LAMA.