Kino Šiška



Matjaž Manček




Since 2009 active as Head of the Music Programme at Kino Šiška venue in Ljubljana. Actively involved in the music world since 1996 as a musician in various noise rock (Štirje Pravi Dedci), free improv (Alzheimer Trio) and experimental bands/projects (BAST).

In the 1996 – 2003 period, he was a radio activist, presenter and, in the later period, music editor at Radio Študent. He started Klubski Maraton of Radio Študent project in 2001, has been co-coordinator of the CrossRadio network of ex-Yugoslavian independent radio stations (2001-2008), club DJ, promoter and producer of local and international music events, editor at rx:tx music label in 2004/5.

In 2005 he established the Kataman Music Action Booking and promotion association and ran its activities until 2009. Co-founder and co-manager of MENT Ljubljana festival in the 2015 -2021 period.