Fortress of Culture Šibenik







Morana Periša, after completing her high school education in Šibenik, received her master’s degree in Croatian language and comparative literature at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb. She returns to her hometown after a professional internship abroad as one of the coordinators of the cultural project of the City of Šibenik – City is a stage, and she also begins to assist in the project of opening and programming of the first season of St. Michael’s Fortress. The following year, she became the coordinator of the program of the St. Michael’s Fortress. Since the establishment of the Fortress of Culture Šibenik, she has been employed as the leading program producer. Today, she and her team are in charge of designing and organising the cultural contents of the Institution, which, apart from those at the St. Michael’s Fortress, include the contents of the Barone Fortress, st. John’s Fortress and House of Arts Arsen. She is the co-creator of the concept of the Šibenik Advent fair – Adventura, where she has been working as the main organiser, producer, promoter and coordinator since 2015.

Behind her are several hundred designed and organised cultural and entertainment events – from concerts, festivals, film programs, openings, presentations, workshops and education to the city’s New Year celebrations. She is a member of the team of several EU co-funded projects implemented by the Fortresses of Culture Šibenik, and her areas of interest are strategic planning and audience development. She perfected her experience in cultural management by participating in the work of the Cultural Council of the City of Šibenik, in which she has been in charge since 2018.