Ministry of Culture Slovenia



Peter Baroš




Peter Baroš graduated from the University of Ljubljana’s Faculty of Arts in 2009 with a degree in the sociology of culture and philosophy. He had worked with the Ministry of Culture during his time as a student, at the European affairs and cultural development section and at the Directorate for Art, before gaining employment as an advisor in the area of musical arts in 2010.

The next step on his career path came at SIGIC, where he took over the role of general secretary in 2014. At SIGIC he led numerous projects, mainly related to international collaboration, music publishing, and training to strengthen capacity and professionalisation in the music sector. He was the chief organiser of the Fête de la Musique event in Slovenia, and the head of Music Slovenia, the pilot office for music exports. He has been a panellist at many music conferences in the rest of the world and was president of IAMIC (the International Association of Music Information Centres), and the national coordinator for music in the area of arts and culture education. Since July 2022 he is an advisor of the Slovenian Minister of Culture, Asta Vrečko.