Pozitivan ritam



Vedran Meniga




Managing, and Creative Director of Pozitivan ritam, company based in Pula and Zagreb, started by enthusiasts, active in building and promoting the independent music scene, with 30 years of experience. 

Annual residence 2009-2019 was at unique Fort Punta Christo, summer club and festival venue near city of Pula, where he started Seasplash festival in 2003 and Slurp! festival in 2012, becoming more popular worldwide due to running Outlook and Dimensions festivals through partnership with English promoters.

Last 5 years running Martinska site in the city of Sibenik, that carries various festival and clubbing events, as well as concerts each summer, and that was one of the rare functional festival sites during pandemic in 2020/21.

Besides specialising in Event Management, Promotions & Production, after years of dedication and hard work, Pozitivan ritam now carries different brands;  PDV Records x Merchandise, venues, educational platform and free workshops, as well as different in-house services, such as: PR/Promotions, Transports, Booking, etc.

One of the freshest things being Pločnik – concept place opened in Zagreb, living room filled with events and day-to-day activities, combined with a bar, small venue and a record store on 3 different levels, in special interior design, as well as taking over ex Jabuka club, longest-lasting Croatian independent music venue, now called DVA OSAM.

Currently working hard on planning new events, and other different projects, that try to keep independent music scene in Croatia self-sustainable and alive.

And yes, Vedran also plays drums, currently with his first punk band Nula from the ‘90s, playing regularly as vinyl DJ as well.